Hair service

Henna best beauty salon has been used for centuries in various cultures across the world, including India and Egypt. The paste of a ground plant, naturally in a reddish-brown dye, is used to create temporary “tattoos” best beauty salon.

Traditionally used to adorn women’s hands for holidays and weddings, it has been adopted by both men and women in mainstream U.S. culture as body art best beauty salon. Whether it be on your hands, arm, leg, or back - everyone can safely enjoy the beauty of a tattoo without any pain. Even better, you can constantly change your mind and get new designs as you please! Henna generally last between one to four weeks.

Sumi has been a henna artist over several years best beauty salon. At Sumi, we guarantee the color of our Henna and apply per client’s needs and occasion. We always update with design and style. Use Sumi’s henna to fill your special event with the memory of the ultimate design best beauty salon.